A Worker in is a type of ant that is used early to mid - game. Workers are moderate gatherers and fighters, but not very powerful. Workers can be made with one Green Food and one Meat in the Egg Selection menu. It is advised to make them immediately after you get your hands on Green Food and Meat. This is because they are a perfect balance early game between speedy and powerful.


As said before, workers are a balance and can be used for many AI jobs early game. It is still recommended that the player use a Nanitic instead of a Worker, this is because Nanitics are faster, so the player can scout much better. Workers are reasonable fighters early game when only weak Predators spawn and players are still trying to get their colony moving. They take two hits to die from a Spider, so 7 - 10 of them can kill a Spider with no casualties. Workers can be used to:

  • Gather Resources
  • Skirmish Other Colonies
  • Fight Bugs


Workers have 100 health, which is more than the damage of a Spider and Centipede. This is why a pack of workers could kill a Spider and a small Centipede, if they all had max health. Workers also have 6 speed, allowing them to gather resources fast. This is useful if all your Nanitics are dead. Workers also deal 8 damage, which means that it takes 13 hits to kill another Worker or a Spider. Though it doesn't seem like much, it is quite the jump from Nanitics.


Workers cannot spawn naturally. The only way to create them is to use one Green Food and one Meat in the Egg Selection menu.