aka Inventor of the Time Dilation Machine

  • I live in Temporal Falls, with deceased people in the same residency
  • My occupation is author, quoran, online ranting, getting political, providing uncommon sense to the world
  • I am hilariously bad at memorizing names of geometric theorems

Hello! I am FourSevensRiolu, an avid player of I was previously a bureaucrat and founder of several indie game-based wikipedia communities, and I am trying to continue my work on this game. I am a member of the clan Tempest who creates new strategies and posts them here; otherwise, the only time I edit is for update fodder.

I have a Discord account that I never use (because it is glitchy and often hacked), but I do look at the Twitter notifications for the game.

Current Name Edit

  • Myrmecoleon

Previous names include:

  • Sandwasp
  • Cuckoo
  • Borealis
  • Excelsior
  • MinervaExcelsior
  • OwlOfMinverva
  • General Wasp
  • BrigGenCuckoo
  • BrigGenBorealis
  • BrigGenAntlion

Having Me on the Team Edit

I can provide several benefits to a team, but I like to play strictly to a set code.

  • I will only play as a worker ant or a queen to provide maximum walking speed. I myself am not a good fighter.
  • My first priority is to find a food source, as I always try to play the role of hunter before anything else. Food is almost always a detriment to my team, because there can never be enough!
  • I will not lead a raid unless I have over 25 AI ants to assist me.

My main weaknesses are:

  • Combat skills
  • Brood, aphid, and food theft
  • Communication (I do not have an upgraded chat system)
  • I often starve
  • Staying alive during raids I engage in
  • My impatience
  • Nursery skills

My main strengths are:

  • Complex battle strategies
  • Nest floor planning
  • Finding food
  • Scouting
  • Digging
  • Foraging

"Save the Queen" Fanfiction Series Edit

I am also beginning an fanfiction series.

Links to Chapters Edit

Information About Characters (SPOILERS HERE AND BELOW) Edit

  • The Protagonists
    • Chimera - A female gray-colored worker ant siding currently with the Pink Kingdom of Peony. She has the ability to keep the past memories and knowledge of previous lives as she reincarnates into new insects.
  • The Antagonists
  • Pink Royalty
    • Empress Peony
    • Queen Chamomile
    • Queen Lotus
    • Queen Hibiscus
    • Queen Lemongrass
    • Queen Lily
    • Queen Aloe
    • Queen Geranium
    • Queen Cannabis
    • Queen Shamrock
    • Queen Aster
    • Queen Poppy
    • Queen Pansy
  • Orange Royalty
    • Empress Tiger
    • Queen Shelly
    • Queen Elizabeth
  • Cyan Royalty
    • Empress Aether
    • Queen Star
    • Queen Sunset
    • Queen Sky
    • Queen Sorena
    • Queen Salazara
  • Others of Importance
    • Maurice - A well-known foraging manager in the Pink Kingdom
    • Unnamed Supermajor - A combative leader in the Pink Kingdom
    • Princess Phlox - An antnest beetle that ravaged the kingdom of Peony as she pretended to be a great granddaughter of the Empress
    • Chief Stout - head of the military strategists in the Pink Kingdom
    • Longlegs, Slender, Lockjaw, Rockhead, Sand, Sky, Thick, Point, Rainbow, and Hornet - subordinate strategists in the Pink Kingdom

Information About Kingdoms (SPOILERS HERE AND BELOW) Edit

  • The Cyan Kingdom is currently lead by Empress Aether and her five daughter queens. Though stronger than the Orange Kingdom, it is far weaker than the Pink Kingdom. It was the birthplace of Chimera, who immediately leaves in search of the Pink Kingdom as she favored it more.
  • The Orange Kingdom is the most vulnerable of all kingdoms and possesses the least amount of territory. It is lead, currently, by Empress Tiger and her two daughter queens.
  • The Pink Kingdom, lead by an ancient Empress Peony and several generations of royal offspring, it is the strongest and largest of kingdoms in the forest. It is the only kingdom to possess discrimination based on the color species of its members.

Information About Ant Lifestyles (SPOILERS HERE AND BELOW) Edit

  • All ants begin their life as eggs, kept in a nursery together with siblings, half-siblings, and other relatives.
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