The Underground in is the second layer in the map that is under the Overground layer. A Player can only enter this layer through an Anthill. They can also go out Overground from the Underground through the Underground Anthill. The Underground is the only layer in the map where you can breed Brood (haha). When you claim a nest as an Alate, you are immediately teleported Underground. The entities that spawn Underground may correspond with the Overground. For example, Moist Tiles can be recognized Overground by some darkbrown dots.

Here is a list of all entities that spawn Underground:

  1. All Tiles
  2. Grubs
  3. Four Nanitic Brood (when a nest is first created)
  4. Other Brood types (when queued by the Team leader in the Brood menu)


The Underground is the only place where Brood can be bred. Your queen can lay eggs Overground, but they don't develop as fast, and usually die of natural causes before that. The Underground is also basically home for your Team, your shelter. You can store food Underground, to help you on your quest to power. You have to store it on a certain type of tile, though, or it will spoil (which means it will just disappear without warning). More on that in Tiles. If you do choose to leave the Underground, be prepared to fight. You aren't the only things alive out there.


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