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"The world is run by power, of which intelligence provides.

We know that our Brains are over Brawn and Pencil is over Sword.

And naturally, the Storm Is above the Earth.

We are that Storm."


999 didnt want tempest to be merged into 999, so because of our in activity Tempest is closed forever.


Tempest is the Second clan to be created within The primary goal of the clan is to organize various members from across the globe to push the limits of the game, including the creation of various war strategies and perhaps even introduce (temporary) truces to opposing teams.

When in a match, Tempest will utilize the blue teams colouration to signify the associated colour of a storm. Unlike the hyperactive pink of 999, the blue of Tempest represents Rationality and Creativity, two vital resources that are necessary in turning the tide of a war.

Currently Tempest is seeking more members to join their ranks. Positions are open to any competent players within the game, new or old.

Tempest discord server and trainings[]

On our discord server, you can get trained to be a professional at the game. Professionals that do not need training get through the ranks quite fast too, so its for everyone!

Rank structure:

Private, Roader, Ant porter, Mivelan, Sergeant, Major Sergeant, Major, Captain, Chief Captain, Leader.


"Storm Over Earth" which is a metaphor for "Brains over Brawn".

The full motto is detailed at the top of the page.


  1. Members must understand the game at a basic level, meaning they must understand how larvae and the queen require food to build up the colony and keep It alive. How many ants are needed to fight a certain foe etc.
    1. Following this, the more strategic a member Is, the more valuable and higher the rank they acquire within the fold of Tempest.
  2. Members must be obedient to the team leader or commanders.
    1. However, complete obedience is not how strategy form. If a member questions authority over If a strategy or decision Is the right choice, they have full right to speak up about it.
  3. Mistakes are forgiven, assuming you learn from them.​​​​​​
    1. If a member continuously makes idiotic mistakes, they will go through a three strike system. If they do not learn by their third strike, they are removed and are banned from the clan for 1 month.
  4. Leave at least one AI ant at a time in the nest.
  5. Three players can leave the nest at a time. But no more.
  6. The Team leader can coordinate overwrites of all the rules stated above, but these are only temporary unless changed directly on this page.
  7. Please be respectful to all players of the game, regardless of situation. Self-contained Toxicity is completely fine, but releasing it on the one who started it or others Is not.


  • Strategy
  • Centralized Nests
  • Coordinated Teammates
  • Curious Members
  • Friendly Attitude
  • Good Sportsmanship

Important Members[]

  • Planetace (Non-active Founder)
  • Milan (Active)
  • JustChillin (Non-active Leader)
  • A Person (Active)
  • Hunter57 (Active)

All of the members are not listed because we are expanding fast.


  • Centralized Base
    • The first nest is kept at the center of the map, and all surrounding nests that belong to the colony are kept close-by.
  • Underground Assault
    • Digging into other bases using single-thickness tunnels, then bringing over a horde to attack the enemy base.
  • Aphid Maniac
    • Find all aphids (usually 5 to 7 per map) and put them under a few grass patches near the base for convenience. (the longer the game goes and the less players enemy has, the more likely they will starve)
  • Scouring Hunters
    • One player is always the forager, taking five, ten, or fifteen AI with them to find food or fight enemies for it.
  • Concealed Base
    • When the first nest is created, it is formed underneath a grass patch, rock, or twig. Until the size of the hill grows, the nest will remain hidden underneath the feature.
  • Preset Roles
    • Players will choose what duties to take on before the map loads and will notify others if their duties must change. Foraging, digging, nursery, and combat/thievery are the usual roles taken on. Exploration, tunnel-making, predator baiting, aphid-nabbing, and playing the role of a queen or new queens are minor roles to be taken on after a stable nest is created.

Diplomatic Relations[]

Clan Alliances[]

  • Dwarfs: A friendly alliance has been formed with the Dwarfs, however this Is not applied whenever We and the Dwarfs are in the same match - meaning we will still fight each other as two normal colonies would.
  • Dominion: Dominion has merged into Tempest. The leader Hunter57 has been given a rank within Tempest.

Clan Enemies[]

  • None ATM


  • 999: This clan is considered the chaotic form of Tempest. They are somewhat predictable but can get very unpredictable at times. Typically they steal eggs/food from the other colonies and hide underneath rocks/plants/twigs, and usually bait centipedes/spiders onto enemy nests when the opportunity arrives. In turn, caution is warranted whenever we are faced against them.
  • United Ants Together (UAT): This clan is more pacifistic in nature to other clans. However seeing as the game Is built around AntWar, we do not accept their ideology of permanent peace when in match. In turn, they are considered Uncertain for unpredictability.
  • Orphans: As this clan is new and their fighting style is unknown, Tempest may or may not enjoy having them allied with the Orphan clan. (Veteran players haven't been informed of this either!)
  • Wingless Wasps: Their founder had liquidated their team and merged it with us, Tempest. She usurped this clan as a member in late 2019/early 2020 and left her friends clanless. Since then the original members of tempest have lost contact with this usurper and are not certain if they are still active or stopped playing

Would you like joining?[]

You can join right here and submit an application BEFORE becoming an official member. This requires you have an discord account as we (and community) mainly operate there.