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So, well uhh.. I kind of have stuff to do so I won't be editing the wiki as much as before. Here is a guide for new contributors on what to do, and what not to do, as well as what stuff in the wiki means and how you should respond to it.

Getting Started

It is important to know how you, as a probably unexperienced editor, can get started helping out the Wiki. I'd say that before you start like actually editing pages and adding information, you should try to check if the basic elements are right. Is the page in a category that makes sense and is not something as simple and blatantly obvious as 'Deals damage'? (No offense to the guy that made that category) Are the words spelled correctly? Is capitalization used correctly? If any of these problems are present, you are free to edit the page and fix them. (To edit the category, you have to go into the source editor instead of the visual editor, I had trouble with that too) It is also recommended that while you are looking through the wiki, you pay attention to how things are formatted or said. Then, once you have a piece of information to add, you can add it and it will bind well with the rest of the page.


Because I couldn't think of another word that made sense, lets just call images, templates, and stuff like that as assets. When adding an asset, it is important to make sure that everything is properly capitalized, formatted sensically, and whose names are easily understood. If you don't have these in check, then we will have images that are named 'AD89C9234JLKSDF90' (this happened like 10 times), which is really annoying because someone, who is actually trying to make the wiki better, will have to delete that file, then re-add it with a sensical name, and if used on any pages, will also have to go to those pages and correct it over there.


Because, again, I have stuff to do, there are some pages which have a only a single word: 'Placeholder'. These pages are exactly as described; placeholders for actual text, so you will be able to link stuff that hasn't been created yet. These are only to make sure the pages have text on them, so you are free to actually create the page and add information and all that good stuff. Just don't be concerned about this is what I'm saying.

Fan - Made

This is a category where you are able to create any fan fictions, fan ideas, or anything that's on the topic of the game or on the topic of the topic of the game, and share it. If you create a page here, it is important that you put effort into it, making sure that it is actually worthwhile reading, or else I'll delete it and you can cry about it. It's really more of a place to imagine than including real information, so have fun.

Extra Notes

For some reason I thought having only the first words that correspond to a page in a page should have links, which is stupid. If you see any words corresponding to a page, make sure they link to that page (e.g. the word Termite corresponds to the page Termites, it should link to that page). It just makes the wiki easier to navigate. Look at Bugs for the right use of links.

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