Soldier Ant is the second most common type of ant in The only way to achieve them is by feeding super food to larvae when they are hungry. When nothing needs to be given attention, they will stand stationary on the hallways and caverns of the colony.

When carrying food outside the nest, they will drop pheromones.

The ant color will entirely depend on the team that the queen belonged to when the egg was laid. stealing brood will therefore create different colored ants than your own team color

Due to the October 28th update, ants will now slow down by 25% for 3 seconds when damaged.

Gallery Edit
Ant Development
BroodEggBroodBrood (1)LarvaBrood (1)Brood (2)PupaBrood (2)
WorkerWorker AntWorkerSoldierSoldier AntSoldierSoldierSupermajor AntSoldier

QueenQueen AntQueen

Predators (Hostile)
SpiderBlack WidowSpiderSpider2Wolf SpiderSpider2Centipede (3)CentipedeCentipede (3)

Prey (Passive)
AnateAnateAnateGoliath beetleGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle
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