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The Shop is a removed feature of the game that allowed players to purchase Cosmetics for Coins. The feature was available until Summer 2021 with the reboot of It is planned to be re-added.

Cosmetics Shop

All cosmetics were purchasable with Coins before they were removed.

Type Name Price (Coins)
Hats Camo Helmet N/A
Camo Bandana N/A
Pickelhaube N/A
Sombrero N/A
Brown Cowboy Hat N/A
Black Cowboy Hat N/A
Ushanka N/A
Viking Helmet N/A
White Cowboy Hat N/A
Space Helmet 1000
Night Vision Goggles 1000
Thorax Cosmetics Tan Military Backpack N/A
Brown Military Backpack N/A
Abdomen Cosmetics Camo Military Belt N/A
Tan Military Belt N/A
Texant N/A
Pirant N/A
Radioantive N/A
Star Spangled Banant N/A
Black Widant N/A