The queen ant is the least widespread caste of ant in, but they are also the most important caste. They are the only ants in the game that can create new colonies. They will then stand underground, near-motionless, unless the player instructs them to move, they help another ant, or are attacked.

The color of the queen ant will not be affected by which team the player is on, even if the queen's egg, queen larvae, or queen chrysalis are stolen from another team. When the queen is fed superfood, she will increase fertility by 25% for 29 seconds. The base speed is approximately once every 30 seconds.

The queen will have a slightly reduced birthrate once a colony reaches a mature size.

All ants colour will entirely depend on the team that the queen belonged to when the egg was laid. Stealing brood will therefore create different coloured ants than your own team colour.

With the October 28th update, players can become the queen in the slot by selecting the switch options and clicking on it. If the queen is in the nest, and the player controls her, she will lay eggs.

Due to the June 18th update, the 25th egg will be queen egg. The new queen will have wings.

A dealate queen cannot leave their nest.