A Queen in is an ant that is the main part of an ant colony. Queens create Eggs which can turn into ants, so without one, your colony is dead, not to mention the fact that when the Queen dies all the Ants in the colony die.


The use of the Queen is simple: to create eggs. For every Queen, there is an Egg Selection menu, where you can assign Ant Eggs for the Queen to produce, each Egg costing food. You can only see and use the Egg Selection menu if you are the leader of the team. The Queen's gestate rate is unknown, however it does get slower as the colony grows.


The Queen is more powerful than a Worker but less powerful than a Soldier. This is because while Queens have 125 health, they lack in damage where they only deal 15. Queens move as fast as Workers.


The only way to create a queen is by starting a new Anthill, using an Alate. The Alate will become the queen and be automatically teleported Underground. It will also lose its wings.