In-game, there are a couple of creatures which will attempt to follow and kill ants. Due to the power of these, it's impossible for a single ant to defeat one. When killed, they will drop Super Food, among other things.

Spider (Black Widow) Edit

This spider is known for killing worker ants in approximately 1 bite. Due to this nature, it's recommended to avoid these when being a new colony. (actual size not shown).  

Spider (Wolf Spider) Edit

Spider2 (1)

The following is another type of spider, which can kill a worker ant in approximately 2 bites. These are the least dangerous of the spiders, but they should be avoided during the stage of a new colony. (actual size not shown). 

Centipede Edit

Centipede (3)

A predator that consists of two sizes, giant size, and normal size, each with its own unique characteristics. Removing the tail of a centipede does not kill it, it will keep on attacking until its head is destroyed.Also The Centipede Can Drop A a large amount of food if killed.
Ant Development
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Predators (Hostile)
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Prey (Passive)
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