Predators have the ability to fight and kill ants. Due to the immense power of these, it is impossible for a single ant to defeat one. When killed, they will drop Super Food, among other things. During night, these hostile entities will materialize out of nowhere along the borders of the map.


Spider (Black Widow) Edit

This spider is known for killing worker ants in approximately 1 bite. Due to this nature, it's recommended to avoid these when being a new colony. Edit

Spider (Wolf Spider) Edit

Spider2 (1)

The following is another type of spider, which can kill a worker ant in approximately 2 bites. Though they are weaker than black widows, they should be avoided during the stage of a new colony. 

Centipede Edit

Centipede (3)

A predator that consists of different sizes; there are thin specimens (these move quickly and have fierce combative abilities), heavy specimens (they are slower and weaker than thin centipedes yet will take more hits to die), and giant specimens (they can attack multiple times for an ant to die, but they themselves can be easily outrun yet are hard to kill). Immobilizing the tail or sections of a centipede does not kill it as it will keep on attacking until its head is destroyed. Centipedes can drop from seven to ten pieces of regular food and up to five pieces of super-food per whole carcass.
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