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The Player is a completely different ant from an AI as they can be controlled by a human and are the only ones that can dig out their nest. A maximum of four players can be on a single team. They are responsible for the architecture of the colony. When a round is about to start, players have the ability to lock the team (prevent new entering players) and play solo if desired.

At the beginning of the game, the highest level player per team starts out as the Queen Ant. Right clicking the ground will result in the colony being founded at the current spot the queen is located at. After placing the colony, the official colony begins, and all players now become Worker Ants.

Players, from time to time, get hungry, and will need to eat Food every 4 minutes. When a Player eats a Super Food (known as "blue food"), their speed will increase by 40% for 90 seconds. Not eating after two minutes of being hungry will result in the controlled ants' death.

Players can press the "Ctrl" button, or left click on their ant, to open up a Command Menu. This menu is important in order to obtain food, attack predators, prey, and other colonies. The command menu is essential, and if not used properly, the probability of dying in-game is higher. sad it shutdown

Team Leaders[]

The leader ant is the first player to join the team. If the leader leaves, the second player that joined the team becomes the leader, and so on. Only the leader can switch to the queen. The leader can also kick players by going to the team list and click on the player they wnat to kick and select "Kick Player". The leader can also toggle the team accpeting status to Lock or Unlock.

The main job of the leader is to select which egg the queen should lay. The leader can do this by clicking the Queen menu on the top left hand of the screen and selecting the type of ant (nanitic, worker, soldier or major) ant, depending on food availability.
Ant Development
Brood.pngEggBrood.pngBrood (1).pngLarvaBrood (1).pngBrood (2).pngPupaBrood (2).png
Worker.pngWorker AntWorker.pngSoldier.pngSoldier AntSoldier.pngSoldier.pngSupermajor AntSoldier.png

Queen.pngQueen AntQueen.png

Predators (Hostile)
Spider.pngBlack WidowSpider.pngSpider2.pngWolf SpiderSpider2.pngCentipede (3).pngCentipedeCentipede (3).png

Prey (Passive)
Anate.pngAnateAnate.pngGoliath beetle.pngGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle.png