The Overground in is the first layer of the map. There is a second layer, known as the Underground, but that is not relevant here. This is the layer where you, AI Predators, and all the other entities (except the ones found only Underground) spawn. When an Alate creates a nest, known as an Anthill, entities are able to enter into the Underground through the resulting Anthill entity.

Here is the list of the entities that spawn Overground:

  1. Alates (only when the team has just spawned)
  2. Bugs (except the Grub)
  3. Green Food and some other Drops
  4. Spider Carcasses
  5. Obstacles, Covers, Other entities
  6. Some effects that cannot be interacted with (such as falling leaves in Autumn)


The Overground is where Ants will find 98% of their food. This comes in many forms. For more information see either Drops, or Bugs. The Overground is also where an Alate will have to land on after spawning for the first time to claim an Anthill. You can also only see what season or time of day it is Overground. These effects are not noticeable Underground, due to it being basically a sanctuary from the Overground.


The Overground (along with the Underground and corresponding entities) is pre-loaded once a Lobby is created, since it is the map where everything in the game will take place. It can not be manually created or destroyed, except maybe by a developer.