A Nanitic is a type of ant in which is the weakest ant type in the game. Your average Nanitic is merely a smaller version of a Worker. Nanitics can be made with two Green Food in the Egg Selection menu. They aren't very ideal unless you either have no Nanitics or you have an excess amount of green food.


Though Nanitics are small, they travel fast. This makes them ideal resource gatherers if they are AI, and also makes a lot of other jobs easier such as scouting. Nanitics are still weak at fighting, so it is best to avoid attacking with them if you can.


Nanitics have a low damage output, 5, meaning they are only actually good fighters when you have a lot of them. It is also hard to get them in the first place, due to their requirement of Green Food. Nanitics also have 40 health. This means they get one - shotted by predators, and that they are weak when you leave them alone. This is one of the reasons why letting all your Nanitics scatter is a bad idea. Nanitics also have a speed of 6.5, which means that they can outrun enemies easily and also help do things that require a lot of speed. They are still stupid however, so they will not avoid fights. You will have to make sure they don't get into serious trouble.


Nanitics, as said previously, can be created using two Green Food and the Egg Selection menu. With this method, a Nanitic Egg will be created, which will eventually become a Nanitic after being fed. But, they can also spawn when an Anthill is created, where four Pupa will spawn. When an AI nest in Skirmish is created, four additional fully grown Nanitics will spawn along with the Pupae.