Mobs are entities other than ants that move and drop food when killed. There are 5 mobs in Anate, Goliath Beetle, Wolf Spider, Black Widow and Centipede; all mobs are aggressive to the player, except for the Anate and Goliath Beetle, which do not react harmfully to a player or an AI ant.

MOSCA[edit | edit source]

The Anate is one of the peaceful mobs in the game; they will not attempt to run or attack the player. They move in random directions around the map, but would turn around and walk when reaching a border or rock. Once killed, they drop approximately 5 pieces of food.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Although it's possible in theory that a single ant could kill an anate, it would be time consuming, and it would expose the ant to dangerous predators such as spiders and centipedes. A group of 5+ ants is the most efficient without leaving the ant nest unprotected. When large enough, a player's colony would be able to support the "+5 Follow" function, where a band of ants (one is a player) to attack an anate and kill one swiftly.

ESCARABAJO[edit | edit source]

The Goliath Beetle is the other peaceful mob in the game. Just like the Anate, they won't run away from the player but will also not hurt it. Once killed, they drop 6 pieces of food.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Just like the Anate, it's possible in theory to kill a Goliath Beetle in less than 20 bites, it's recommend to have a group of 3 - 5 ants in order to kill it faster without leaving the ant nest unprotected.

ARAÑA[edit | edit source]

The Wolf Spider is the least dangerous hostile mob in the game. It will follow the player, and if close enough will supply a bite. An ant with full health will succumb to it in approximately two bites. Once the spider is killed, it will drop food and MRE (super food).

Tips[edit | edit source]

Avoid attacking a wolf spider with a group of 3 ants (4 including the player) as they will easily kill all of them. A group of 5 ants is effective at killing them, as it would result only in one or two casualties. It is recommended to have at least two soldier ants in the hunting party, unless the player is at the point where they do not have any soldier ants yet.

SUPER ARAÑA[edit | edit source]

The Black Widow is the second most dangerous hostile mob, behind the Centipede. It will follow the player, and if close enough, will supply a bite. An ant will full health will succumb to it in one or two bites. Once the spider is killed, it will drop food and MRE (super food).

Tips[edit | edit source]

Since the Black Widow is much more dangerous than the Wolf Spider, it can cause more ant deaths. Therefore, a group of 5 - 10 ants would be enough while also reducing the number of ant deaths. It has been noticed that up to 8 ant casualties could occur with some of the best hunting patterns/strategies known, so it is recommended to bring more soldier ants out than standard worker ants.

CIENPIES[edit | edit source]

The Centipede is the most dangerous hostile mob. Depending on their size, they can kill an ant with full health in 1 - 3 bites. If a centipede is killed, it will drop 3 MRE (super food) for the head, and random amounts of food/superfood for the body. Centipedes come in different sizes, with small-sized myriapods having the ability to move faster (than ants) and larger ones having more health and less of an ability to keep chase with the ants.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Centipede should be treated with caution, as it will avoid getting bitten in the head by ants, which is its vulnerable part. Therefore, when attacking, the head should be aimed at, and not the body, as the centipede can still bite while getting attacked. A group of around 20 or more ants would be recommended to avoid having a catastrophe. Once the head is extinguished, the entire centipede would gradually decay in 5-15 seconds. Attacking and separating a centipede in two parts would result in the half not attached to the head to perish, leaving food. Make sure to attack the head first to most swiftly kill this mob. And i my experience they are very very deadly most advisable at least around 15 ants. most deadly mob.

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