A Major in is a type of ant that is used late game when Super Food is very abundant. They are worse than two Soldiers, however, due to the time limitations, it will be better to create Majors instead of Soldiers. They are good fighters, and are 1.15x more powerful than Soldiers. They are also 1.15x times slower than Soldiers, so they aren't very good gatherers. They cost 2 Super Food and 2 Meat.


Majors should only be used for fighting and nothing else. Their slow speed makes them the worst scouters / gatherers in the entire game, but they do deal a lot of damage. Majors can be used to kill a bug, for example a Centipede, but can also attack enemy colonies. They have a lot of health, allowing them to act as tanks when you couple them with other ants.


Majors deal 25.3 damage. They are not much powerful than Soldiers, but can kill a Nanitic in two hits and a Worker in four. They also have 143 health, so they will die to a Spider in three hits. One alone can't kill a spider due to their low damage output compared to Soldiers. Majors also have 4.25 speed, which is the lowest speed in the game unless you count Aphids.


Majors don't spawn naturally and can only be created via the Egg Selection menu with two Super Food and two Meat. Majors are worse to create than soldiers mid game because four Soldiers are better than two majors (if you have four Super food to spare). But when Super Food is basically infinite (when Centipedes spawn), then it is better to make Majors because 20 Majors are better than 20 Soldiers.