A Grub in is a type of bug that is a food source throughout the game. They spawn randomly Underground. They are usually surrounded by Dirt, although sometimes they spawn in open spaces. You never actively see one spawn, unlike the Beetle and Anate. Also, they can be found in all 4 seasons. They are a good source of food, especially when you have just claimed your nest.


Grubs are used for food. When killed, they drop 2 Meat, and sometimes, 1 Super Food. They are a good food source because they are quite common Underground.


Grubs do not have any movement speed or damage, making them easy targets for Ants. They only have 60 health compared to any other Bug's 100, meaning they can get picked off in 12 hits by a Nanitic and 8 by a Worker.


Grubs spawn randomly Underground at the beginning of the game. They can be found in all 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.