Goliath Beetle is an in-game mob, and is one of the most common prey in They are characterized by their slow movement, and can be easily outrun by an ant. It does not inflict damage when attacked, making it possible for a single ant to kill it in approximately 20 bites, although this would take a while. Once killed, they will drop approximately 7 food.

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Goliath beetle
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Beetle dead
Ant Development
BroodEggBroodBrood (1)LarvaBrood (1)Brood (2)PupaBrood (2)
WorkerWorker AntWorkerSoldierSoldier AntSoldierSoldierSupermajor AntSoldier

QueenQueen AntQueen

Predators (Hostile)
SpiderBlack WidowSpiderSpider2Wolf SpiderSpider2Centipede (3)CentipedeCentipede (3)

Prey (Passive)
AnateAnateAnateGoliath beetleGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle