Food is an essential item that is required for survival. There are currently 2 types of food in the game: Food, and Super Food. These types of food have different characteristics that can give an advantage. Food can be obtained by killing mobs.

Food is an in-game item that can be achieved by killing either predators or prey. It needs to be placed on dry soil, otherwise, it will spoil and disappear.

Super food is an in-game item that can only be achieved by killing spiders and centipedes. It will have a different effect depending on the ant that consumes it.

  • If a larva is fed with super food, it will hatch into a Soldier Ant. If this process is repeated 4 times, a Supemajor ant will hatch.
  • If a queen is fed with super food, it will increase the birth rate by 25% for 90 seconds.

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