An Egg is an item in that is part of an ant's Development. Eggs are the first stage of this, and are created when a Queen has been fully fed with the required Food. Before the queen lays the egg, It goes through a process called gestating. Then , the queen will lay the egg. It is unknown how long it takes for Eggs to transition into the next stage, but they will do it faster on a Moist Tile though it is known that it will take 5-6 seconds on a moist tile AI ants will place the eggs on a moist tile. An Egg will develop into a Larva after a period of time. This time is short compared to the time taken for a Larva to become a pupa. The egg will soon become an ant. This ant will be in the team the last ant that picked it up was. The colour of the ant is the same colour of the queen that layed the egg. See more information in the page : Claiming.



To create an egg ,you have to be the creator of the team. if you are , then click on the egg selection menu. Then choose an ant from the option. The required food will appear on the queen ant. Feed the queen the required food . Then wait for gesturation to be over. Then an egg will appear near the queen. Place the egg on a moist tile.Eggs can be queued this means that if we can make more than 1 egg, then the food required for the first one to be made will be shown above the queen ant. After the ant is created , the required food for the next one will be shown . Up to 10 eggs can be queued up at a time. These eggs are not not killed when the Queen is killed. The eggs will soon become a Larva so they are important for the creation of Larva.


Here are some strategies related to eggs that will help you win the game .tbhese strategies provide tips on how to use eggs. It is not neccesery that the user follows them but following them will increase the chance of winning the game . If you want to see tips and strategies on more topics go to the strategies page.

Common Strategies

Create eggs quickly as they are crucial to win the game.This is because, without eggs , You cannot have any ants other than nanitics. Killed ants can't be replaced without eggs. Only create ants if you have the food other than required food or else the food supply will runs out and the colony may starve. The colony has a 100% chance of starving if Hibernationn is about to start . If it is not Winter , then if you have spider Carcasses outside , an aphid farm or many grubs can be found in the anthill, then this rule is not very important. Always keep eggs in the Underground and try to keep them in a moist tile.Keeping them in the Outworld will make them variable to enemy ants. They grow very slowly without a moist tile.


You can steal eggs from other colonies. Stealing Larva is recommended over eggs because they take less time to grow but still, stealing eggs can be usefull. When stealing eggs do not let the victim follow you. Also other colonies can steal eggs from you.Keep eggs as safe as possible.Do not place eggs in the outworld because the other teams can easily steal them.


Nanitic egg : 2 green food
Worker egg : 1 green food , 1 meat
Soldier egg : 1 super food , 2 meat
Major egg : 2 Super Food , 2 meat


  • Eggs are one of the items that are created by the player
  • Eggs are one of the only living organism that do not show any movement or animation. The other being grubs
    • Green food could also be included as it could be a plant part that is living
  • Eggs are one of the items that can be spawn both in outworld and underground without ant being killed when holding an object in the underworld or outworld.