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"Ants are pretty much dwarfs. They're small, they dig underground, an untrained person doesn't know if they are a male or female when they see a common one without a beard, and they stubbornly hang around even if you want them gone." -Mip


The dwarf clan was literally made for the reason that the game had 2 clans and could probably use a 3rd led by someone who was at least partially important. Someone like Mip who has donated over $100 to the game to be more specific. Since the clan was made casually it is planned to stay that way and values people who are able to brush off a loss and not celebrate too heavily when they win. The clan tag for the Dwarfs is "3" because "dwarf" is a kind of odd thing to have in front of your name and this is the 3rd clan made. The Dwarfs have a simple two part motto that guides most of the clan's actions despite not being perfect grammar.

"Because we can. So why not?"

Diplomatic relations[]

Current clan alliances[]

  • Tempest (We fight if we are in a game but it's not like we can just stand around waiting for the other clan's members to leave the game before us.)
  • 999

Current clan wars[]

  • United Ants Together (Because I, Mip, just don't like antman all that much and a clan war sounds like something that should happen.)


  • Mip -leader
  • Antonio

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