Development refers to the series of stages that take place before Ants are born. In each 'stage', the entity will change appearance. After some period of time, each stage will transition to the next. If it is in the Larva stage, then it will also require food before transitioning to the next stage. Here are a list of all the stages:

  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa

These entities can also be claimed. They start out claimed by the team who first created the egg. Then, when a team member picks it up, it will be claimed by that team. For more information about this, see Claiming.


  • A team can claim any Brood entity, except for the 4 Nanitic brood that automatically spawn when an Alate creates and claims an anthill. If a player not on the same team as the Nanitic brood attempts to pick them up, they just merely disappear. The editor of this page does not know whether this is affected by the queen dying or not.
  • Brood size will differ depending on what class the ant will be when born.