Admin Commands

These only work in singleplayer, but if you're an admin you can use them in multiplayer.

/banip {ip} - Ban an IP /ban {name} - Ban a player /kick {name} - Kick a player /slay {name} - Slay a player /spider - Become a spider /centipede - Become a centipede /changez - Change your Z level. /kill - Kill yourself. /toggleai - Toggle AI on all teams. /spectate {name} - Switch a player to a spectator. Leave blank to switch yourself. /sandbox {name} - Switch a player to sandbox. Leave blank to switch yourself. /spawn {queen, spider, centipede, bug} - Spawn one of these. /weather {clear, rain, thunderstorm} - Set the current weather. /season {spring, summer, fall, winter} - Set the current season. /reviveteam {team number 0 - 7} - Revive a team. /forcestart - Force a game in the lobby to start. /timestep {number 0 - 1} - Set server timestep speed. /gamemode {normal, coop, endless} - Switch gamemode. /yearend - Triggers the end of the year. /crash - Triggers an error and simulates a crash. /message - Sends a global message. /stopserver - Stops the server. /hungry - Make yourself hungry.