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The Command Menu allows the player to give orders to other ants. It can be accessed by left clicking on the player or by pressing the control key*. There are currently 5 orders available from the command menu.

Hotkeys can be used to achieve the full potential of the command menu.

Order Hotkey Description
+5 Follow 1 Nearest 5 ants excluding the queen will follow the player.
+1 Follow 2 Nearest ant excluding the queen will follow the player.
Dismiss 3 All ants stop following the player.
Switch 4 Allows the player to select a new ant.
Select Follow 5 Allows the player to select ants that shall follow him.
Defend 6 Locks ants in place.
Stop Defend 7 Allows AI ants to move freely.

The follow orders cause AI ants to follow the player. To stop following, the dismiss order is used.

The player using the command menu.

When ants are dismissed, they will either hunt, attack enemies, collect nearby food or loot nearby brood from enemy anthills. This is useful for collecting large amounts of food from around the map.

The switch order lets the player take full control of a different ant in favour of the current one. Switching ants can be used to gain control of a full health ant or a soldier ant. This order can also be used on a Queen. At present, this order will sometimes not work and it may take a few attempts to select the correct ant.

*Holding control should be avoided when using wsad controls as the shortcut 'ctrl + w' will close the current browser tab on chrome.

In sandbox, you have to press right click to open the command menu.