Coins are an in-game currency that can be achieved by winning or losing a round. They can also be achieved by completing surveys. . As of now, it can be used to buy cosmetics from the in-game store.

Coins can also be bought for money on the in-game store.

Initial Coins + Bonus % Free Price
2500 0 0% $1.99
5000 1500 30% $4.99
10000 4000 40% $9.99
25000 15000 60% $19.99


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Ant Development
BroodEggBroodBrood (1)LarvaBrood (1)Brood (2)PupaBrood (2)
WorkerWorker AntWorkerSoldierSoldier AntSoldierSoldierSupermajor AntSoldier

QueenQueen AntQueen

Predators (Hostile)
SpiderBlack WidowSpiderSpider2Wolf SpiderSpider2Centipede (3)CentipedeCentipede (3)

Prey (Passive)
AnateAnateAnateGoliath beetleGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle
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