This is a changelog for all of the updates and time that they had taken place on.

12/18/19 Edit

* Made AI a bit more aggressive when close to an enemy

* Updated Discord link

10/23/19 Edit

* Hostile insects are now less aggressive

* Fixed tutorial tap issues on some devices

* Improved performance

6/23/19 Edit

+ Added singleplayer

+ Added new interactive tutorial

+ Added AI for singleplayer games

+ Added rocks that can't be dug out underground

* Brood will no longer spoil without wet dirt (They are now slow to grow without it)

* Fixed Ai getting stuck on objects

* Decreased how long it takes to dig (30 ticks to 25 ticks)

* Limited queens to 3 per team

* Fixed create game not working

- Removed in game tips

6/18/19 Edit

* Digging is no longer instant

* Improved how AI follow players

* On every 25th egg, a new queen will be laid

* Added wings to new queens

* Various bug fixes and improvements

11/17/2018 Edit

+ Added surveys to earn free coins

* Coin and XP earnings now factor in time played in round(up to 20 minutes)

* Increased coin amounts for coin purchases

- Removed MRE and dog tags from Veteran's day update

11/11/2018 Edit

+ Replaced blue food with MRE and added dog tags for Veteran's day

+ Added head, thorax, and abdomen shop categories

+ Added 3 new head items

+ Added 1 new thorax item

+ Added 8 new abdomen items

+ Added glow to players

+ Added walk sound effects

+ Added hit sound effects

+ Added glow to selectable objects and ants

* Improved switching and select follow clicking

* Updated name field to allow [ and ] for clans

11/2/2018 Edit

+ Added cosmetic shop

+ Added coin shop

+ Added 8 new hats

10/28/2018 Edit

+ Added plants

+ Added aphids (3 per team spawn around the map near plants, aphids near plants produce food)

+ Added super majors (Spawns per 4 majors are born)

+ Added Defend/Stop Defend command (It will lock AI in place, until told to stop)

+ Added Select Follow command (Select individual ants to follow you)

+ Added ally spectating after death

+ Added player auto attack after hitting an enemy

+ Added game list to menu

* Food now slowly spoils outside

* Improved radial menu

* Allowed switching to queen

* Changed bug, spider, and centipede spawning to be relative to team count

* Made food piles spawn relative to team count

* Made centipedes slightly less dangerous

* Ants and bugs now slow down by 25% for 3 seconds when damaged

* Fixed AI not feeding or picking up food sometimes

* Fixed issue where a colony could sometimes have 2 queens

* Fixed names not displaying for some players

- Removed Move Queen command (Use Switch to become queen and move her)

10/24/2018 Edit

+ Added small/large centipedes

* Improved AI thinking for nearby entities and improved prioritization

* Improved lobby matchmaking to favor new games

* Fixed lobby lock issue with no players

* Fixed tiles on map edge

* Made birthrate decrease slightly as more ants are born

9/30/2018 Edit

* Fixed AI trying to go through walls when returning with brood

* Fixed AI not always grabbing food/brood

* Fixed server crash

9/29/2018 Edit

+ Added better damage feedback

+ Added server-side AFK kick

+ Added in game menu

+ Added shadow to rocks and sticks

* Increased super food effect time from 60 seconds to 90

* Improved dirt placement

* Improved AI job selection

* Added lock to empty teams after first night starts

* Give XP after team dies but round isn't over

* Kill all ants on team after queen dies to prevent trolling

* Server performance improvements (Decreased lag and support for more players)

9/27/2018 Edit

+ Added rocks and sticks to the map

+ Added global message when queen is hungry

* Anthills now get bigger as colony grows

* Fixed food being eaten when dropping while hungry

* Decreased ant collision size

* Improved AI pathfinding

* Fixed server crash

9/25/2018 Edit

* AI ants now try to place food/brood on proper tiles

* AI ants try to feed queen over larvae

* Fixed team joining issues

* Fixed double queen spawns

* Increased chat amount

* Updated all teams to auto create

9/21/2018 Edit

+ Added simple tutorial image when first joining

+ Added underground caverns

* Tiles now dissipate after a lot of use

* Improved AI going between two anthills

* Improved tile spawning

* Made queen hunger increase slightly slower

* Improved WASD controls

* Added ants to menu

9/20/2018 Edit

+ Added WASD controls (Space to perform an action)

* Updated radial menu to be opened with left click

* Numbers 1-5 perform radial commands

* Ctrl can be used to open radial menu

* Increased map size by 20%

* Fixed players joining dead colonies

* Made AI workers pick closest food

* Improved main menu styling (Thank you Gust!)

9/17/2018 Edit

+ Added different server regions

* Updated main menu

9/16/2018 Edit

+ Added private games

+ New promo image

* Updated lobby to show when joining

* Updated soldier sprite

* Improved ant collisions

* Fixed ants trying to go into walls

* Fixed players getting stuck in walls

- Fixed ants leaving after leader death

9/7/2018 Edit

* Fixed server crash

9/4/2018 Edit

+ Added team lock

* Improved matchmaking

* Fixed players being stuck as queen

9/3/2018 Edit

+ Added day/night cycle

+ Added pheromone trails

+ Added edit profile button

* Improved underground background

* Optimized rendering

* Decreased lobby time

9/2/2018 Edit

+ Added pink team

+ Added cyan team

+ Added ability to switch ants

+ Added super food

* Increased player limit to 16

* Improved dirt collision and digging

* Fixed sign in issue

- Removed AI worker follow limit

9/1/2018 Edit

+ Added greifer auto ban

* Made queen move around less

* Decreased AI follow distance

* Increased spider start time

* Fixed team joining issues

* Balanced starting workers

* Divided AI workers per player

* Made food/brood render below ants

* Made idle workers return to the nest

* Fixed websocket connection issues

8/31/2018 Edit

* Fixed bad name filter issues

* Fixed redirection issues

8/30/2018 Edit

+ Added game lobbies

+ Added invite link

+ Added lobby chat

+ Added how to play button

+ Added bad name filter

* Queen is now player with highest rank

* Right click also performs action

* Fixed window resize glitch

* Fixed double lobby chat issue

* Fixed lobby spawn queue issue

* Fixed lobby balance issue

* Fixed server crashes

8/29/2018 Edit

+ Added game count

+ Added in game tips

* Disabled AFK kick when spawning

* Fixed idle queens on game start

* Performance improvements

8/28/2018 Edit

+ Added ambient sound effects

+ Added new spider type

+ Added ads (Sorry!)

* Spiders now have 2 min spawn delay

* Fixed stuck food and objects

* Made queen less eager to attack

* Fixed underground view on 4k screens

* Small performance improvements

* Fixed server crashes

8/27/2018 Edit

+ Added ability to drop dirt in the nest

* Improved AI pathfinding

* Updated Goliath Beetle and spider

8/26/2018 Edit

+ Added yellow and orange teams

* Made instructions more apparent

8/25/2018 Edit

+ Added Goliath Beetle

* Changed max player count to 12

* Limited visibility underground

* Performance improvements

* Made queens able to chat

8/24/2018 Edit

+ Hints on surface for moisture in tiles

+ Arrow pointing towards home

* All Follow is now +5 Follow

* Can only command nearby ants

* Larvae now need to be fed to grow

* AI now feed larvae and queen

- Removed starter nest

8/23/2018 Edit

+ Accounts

+ Currency and XP

8/22/2018 Edit

+ Initial alpha release

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