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A Centipede is a predator on and it consists of two types.

  • Giant Centipede - Slow, but has a greater HP. Inflicts greater damage.
  • Centipede - Smaller, but fast. Can be killed easily.

Once it detects an ant, it will follow it and attack it if within bite range. They spawn within 3 full days ingame, and will require a great amount of ants in order to kill it. Once a part of it's body has been mutilated, the rest of it's body will continue moving until it finally dies. However this does not count for the head meaning the centipede's head can survive the loss of it's body in incredibly rare situations when ants kill it's neck but are then killed by the head allowing it to roam the map.

It's movement is described as erratic and weird.

Large Centipedes have a very strong HP range, and it's advised to not approach them until soldier and supermajor ants are achieved.

Attack with at least 10 ants, the shorter and thinner it is the faster it is.

Ant Development
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Worker.pngWorker AntWorker.pngSoldier.pngSoldier AntSoldier.pngSoldier.pngSupermajor AntSoldier.png

Queen.pngQueen AntQueen.png

Predators (Hostile)
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Prey (Passive)
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