A Centipede in is a type of bug. It is a Predator, which means it can hunt and kill you. They are one of the main sources of Super Food, with the other being the Spiders. There are 3 different sizes of centipedes in the game. The one shown here is the medium sized one. There is also a big one, and a small one and some in between. Depending on the length, speed, and size, the drops may vary, but they all drop at least 6 Super Food and some Meat.


The centipede is source of Super Food, which is essential late game for making Soldiers and Majors. When killed, they drop 6 Super Food and some Meat. They are more for Super Food than for Meat.


The speed, size, and length are random and are different for each one. The big ones are slower than a Worker, but the smaller ones can easily overtake you. While fighting the smaller ones, it is best to go in a zigzag as they have a slight lag in AI.


They spawn randomly around the map after five minutes. They spawn in all four Seasons except Winter. They also seem to spawn less during the early game and more during the late game; this may be to make sure the colony does not get overwhelmed by Predators.