A Bug in is an animal in that is able to move and fulfill a function, for example an Aphid produces Honeydew, or a Beetle gives Meat on death, but a bug is not any colonial species, e.g. an Ant or a Termite. There are many different bugs. Some bugs are Prey, they can be killed for meat and does not attack Ants. Some bugs are Predators. They attack and kill ants. They also drop Super Food. Aphids are neither prey nor predators. They cannot be attacked. They produce Honeydew every few minutes. Here is a list of Bugs and their Drops.

Predators only spawn after five minutes after the beginning of the game, so Alates need not worry about them when the game begins. Centipedes spawn less often than Spiders early. Spiders are less dangerous than Centipedes because Spiders are slower and Spiders are easier to attack unlike Centipedes where you may accidently double click the body. Beetles and Anate have very similar status, except that Anate are a little faster and Beetles have smaller hit boxes. Both drop 6 Meat on Death.


Killing Beetles and Anate when they come near the Anthill will give you a lot of Meat early in the game. Grubs can be harvested by Queen ants in 4 bites without going outside the nest. Predators should be avoided unless your army is strong (6+ Ants for Spiders, 8+ for Centipedes). Aphids should be transported to a Clover that is nearest to the Anthill and it is recommended to nest near a large group of Clovers. When going out to kill Beetles and Anate take all but 1 Nanitic with you. The Nanitic in the nest will feed the queen and allow the player to occupy an ant if they die. Even though Beetles and Anates are slow, they may escape in the time taken to get the army. So if you are scouting, kill it alone. Aphids can create Super Food so it is recommended that you have some Aphids. In Winter, all Aphids disappear, which makes you see Honeydew on the ground near Clovers without any Aphids nearby.


The Anate and Beetle are both known as Bug or Inscet