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0 Etiquette is a very unique indie game with its own rules and strategies. However, it is similar in most games in that being kind to the right players can work wonders for you. While with most games, this game is full of toxic players while in multiplayer mode, being assertive and authoritative may be the best option available. Here is the comprehensive set of general etiquette rules for multiplayer.*

  • 1 Before Playing
    • 1.1 Gaining Knowledge
    • 1.2 Consequences of the Lack of Knowledge
    • 1.3 Choosing a Name
    • 1.4 Entering a Match
  • 2 While Playing
    • 2.1 Be Fast
    • 2.2 Be Productive
    • 2.3 Be Sensible
  • 3 After Playing

Even before entering a multiplayer match for the first time, make sure you have mastered the controls. Play at least one round of tutorial mode and another r…

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 23 January
0 Fanon Changes: What is Hoped to Be

Welcome to the blog! This is currently a draft and will be edited frequently depending upon what the developers of plan on implementing. These are the fanon changes that I, FourSevensRueful, hope to see. These are not canon, meaning that they will probably not be put into the game. They are also not requests for implementation; the developers are probably working on other games and have plenty of content of their own to make.

  • 1 Game Mechanics
    • 1.1 Replete Ants
    • 1.2 Phragmosis Ants
  • 2 Structures
  • 3 Mobs
  • 4 Items
  • 5 Cosmetics
    • 5.1 Functioning Night Vision Goggles
    • 5.2 Functioning Periscope

Changes to the game will also change the meta of the game, making it more unpredictable and therefore more challenging.

If the ants that we deal with are actually honeypot …

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