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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 28 January 2020

Save the Queen Chapter 2

All second chapter. Here we go!

Finding her way through the tunnel and back into the main chamber, Chimera navigated her way to the guarded entrance of what she was told was the strategists' lodge. Making her way through the crowd of pink, pinkish, and odd-colored ants running about to complete their duties, she was able to cross the entire hall to the opposite side. There, the entrance was narrow and surrounded by a group of simple worker sentries, plated with extra chitin, likely to be from a tiger beetle based upon how shiny and green it looked on them. The quartet were busy talking to each other, not noticing the gray ant for a while.

"Gentle-ants, may I please get through?" she requested initially, in a volume above their own…

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 13 January 2020

Save the Queen Chapter 1

This is the first real chapter of my fanfiction, but I do suggest that you read the prologue beforehand to make sense of the situation. I hope you all like it and feel free to comment!

Noontime passed just after the pink ants trudged into their encampment threshold. Before them lay a steep, massive, muddy hill with several overhangs full of spanish moss and lush green bryophytes. Entrances to the cavern-like colonies were numerous yet all very small. Each one's floors sloped slightly upward as not to flood the inside of the kingdom with water during rainy days. Just several months ago when Chimera was an adult dobsonfly adult looking to find a mate, she encountered this kingdom, but saw only four major, downard-facing holes in the ground ju…

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 10 January 2020

Save the Queen (Fanfiction)

Hello players! Since I adore the game so much, this is my ode to it. Though no, it is not a rhapsody, I will make a fanfiction called "Save the Queen." As a warning, this does include inappropriate jokes and lots of violence/language as well as drug use and nudity (because all ants basically walk around naked). You have been warned!

The dense area packed with crabgrass and clover finally gave way to a patch of sandy soil that led into pebbles into a stream three-thousand worker-lengths long. No non-arthropods were in the area for millions of kilometers around, leaving only the ants to their world full of other bugs. Chimera felt safe in her form as a newly-hatched worker ant, proud that she was finally able to be reborn into an an…

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