A Black Widow is a type of spider that can be found in Once it detects an ant, it will follow it and if close enough, will supply a bite. An ant at full health will die after 2 bites. 

When killing a black widow, it's recommended to have at least 5 ants attacking at the same time. Four AI ants with full health can just barely kill a spider. After the creation of a new colony, it's recommended to avoid them entirely in order to avoid having all ants killed. 

Gallery Edit
Ant Development
BroodEggBroodBrood (1)LarvaBrood (1)Brood (2)PupaBrood (2)
WorkerWorker AntWorkerSoldierSoldier AntSoldierSoldierSupermajor AntSoldier

QueenQueen AntQueen

Predators (Hostile)
SpiderBlack WidowSpiderSpider2Wolf SpiderSpider2Centipede (3)CentipedeCentipede (3)

Prey (Passive)
AnateAnateAnateGoliath beetleGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle
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