A Beetle in is a type of Bug that is a food source throughout the game. They spawn randomly in Spring, Summer, and less frequently, in Autumn. They cannot be found in Winter. They are a good source of Meat. They are quite slow, but if you spot one, and you go back into your nest, then come out with ants to kill it, chances are that it is gone, and you may have difficulty finding it.


Beetles are used for food. When killed, they drop 6 Meat. They are one of the primary sources for Meat, with the others being the Anate and Spider Carcass.


The Beetle has 100 health, meaning it will take 20 hits by a Nanitic to kill. It does not do any damage, making it a primary source of meat early game if there aren't any Spider Carcasses around. Their 2.8 speed does make them slightly slower than Anates, meaning they can be killed more easily.


Beetles spawn naturally from the edges of the map. They can be found in Spring, Summer, and sometimes Autumn. However, they do not spawn in Winter.