An Aphid in is a bug that produces Honeydew. Aphids are insects, but they cannot attack or be killed in An Aphid appears to be a peach - colored bug. Aphids will always try to head towards a clover Overground after enough time has passed, which can be used to find the nearest clover of some point.


Aphids will only spawn during Spring, and the amount is based on the number of teams there are. Aphids will not reproduce, they will simply attach to a Clover and create Honeydew.


Aphids do not have a very specialized AI; the only time they will ever do anything that resembles AI is when they move towards a Clover if they don't have one. Aphids cannot be killed by ants, and cannot produce Honeydew if not attached to a Clover. Aphids cannot be claimed, but they can be picked up and moved toward another Clover by an ant.