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Player ants, as the name suggests, are controlled by players. They can use the command menu to control AI ants. Player ants can use the Switch command to take control of workers,soldiers or supermajors.

Team Leaders[]

The leader ant is the first player to join the team. If the leader leaves, the second player that joined the team becomes the leader, and so on. Only the leader can switch to the queen. The leader can also kick players by going to the team list and click on the player they wnat to kick and select "Kick Player". The leader can also toggle the team accpeting status to Lock or Unlock.

The main job of the leader is to select which egg the queen should lay. The leader can do this by clicking the Queen menu on the top left hand of the screen and selecting the type of ant (nanitic, worker, soldier or major) ant, depending on food availability.

AI Ants[]

Any ant not controlled by a player becomes an AI ant. AI ants have several actions:

Feeding brood and queen ants[]

When brood or queens in the nest are hungry, AI ants will take food in the nest and feed them.

Collecting food/enemy brood[]

AI ants will collect any food they see or enemy brood once they are dismissed next to and take it back to the nest. Once in the nest, they will attempt to place the objects on the corresponding moist and dry tiles before returning to the place to collect more.


AI ants will fight mobs and enemy ants that they come across. However, if they are follwing a player ant, they will abondon the fight once the player ant moves away. Combat consists of constantly biting the opponent. Once the fight is over, AI ants will start collecting if there are any resources nearby.


When a follow command is used, AI ants will follow the player that gave them the command. The player can command an ant to follow them using the command menu. They will sometimes fight hostile mobs and enemy ants that come close, but abandon the fight and continue following if the player commanding them moves away. When they chance upon food while follwing a player ant, they will store the food in their social stomachs but will not carry the food once their social stomachs are full. The ants would also not care for the brood and food when following a player even though they are in the nest. The only way to completely release the ants is to use the dismiss command.


AI colonies in singleplayer mode will have AI ants searching outside the nest for food and mobs.

The player can also command the ants to do that in multiplayer.

Types of Ants[]

There are different categories of ants, each designed for different uses.


The starter ant. They have low health and attack, They grow in small eggs

Worker Ant

Worker Ant[]

They will care for the brood, and follow the player if given instructions to do so, but they have low health and attack. They grow in small eggs.

Soldier Ant[]

Soldier Ant

These are characterized for having a greater health range than worker ants. Their thick bodies usually characterize them of their purpose. Compared to worker ants, they walk much slower, but cause more damage and are able to withstand a lot more before dying. They grow in small eggs.

Major Ant[]

They are characterized by being much bigger than the queen. One alone can cause great damage to a centipede, but will only survive around 4 bites. They are the slowest of all ants. About 1 in every 4 pupae destined to become a soldier will hatch as a supermajor, if you have a lot you can get normal soldiers to start an attack on others.

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Queen Ant

Queen Ant[]

The queen ant is the most important ant of a colony, and therefore is the founder of it. Once a good spot has been chosen, the queen rarely moves, and when it does, it only does so by the instruction of the player. The queen‘s main purpose is to lay eggs, therefore helping in the expansion of the colony. It is beneficial to keep the queen on wet dirt so that any eggs she lay will already be on an appropriate habitat. When the game starts, you might become a Queen ant with wings. Pick the location of your nest first, and then you will change into a worker ant. The queen stays somewhere inside the nest, but becomes stuck and loses her wings.