Ants Edit

There are different categories of ants, each designed for different uses.


Worker Ant

Worker Ant Edit

The most common are worker ants. They will care for the brood, and follow the player if given instructions to do so, but they have low health and attack.

Soldier Ant Edit


Soldier Ant

These are characterized for having a greater health range than worker ants. Their thick bodies usually characterize them of their purpose. Compared to worker ants, they walk much slower, but cause more damage and are able to withstand a lot more before dying.

Supermajor Ant Edit

They are characterized by being much bigger than the queen. One alone can cause great damage to a centipede, but will only survive around 4 bites. They are the slowest of all ants. About 1 in every 4 pupae destined to become a soldier will hatch as a supermajor.


Queen Ant

Queen Ant Edit

The queen ant is the biggest ant of a colony, and therefore is the founder of it. Once a good spot has been chosen, the queen rarely moves, and when it does, it only does so by the instruction of the player. The queen main purpose is to lay eggs, therefore helping in the expansion of the colony. It is beneficial to keep the queen on wet dirt so that any eggs she lay will already be on an appropriate habitat.