Anthill Edit

The Anthill is the home of an ant colony, and it's crucial to the development and expansion of the colony. For this reason, the entrance will change according to the size of the colony.

Anthill small



When a queen chooses a good spot to create a colony, it will be characterized by a hole on the dirt.




When the colony starts to expand and grow, a dirt mound will be created, and will continue to grow until it reaches maximum height. When a colony defeats another, they can claim the dead colony's hill and use it as their own, some colonies will have 2 anthills. However, the queen can not leave an anthill and can only move between them underground. Ants from other colonies can enter an anthill, but mobs can't enter. The only exception is that aphids can be carried into the nest by an ant. Ants that enter an enemy anthill can not feed the enemy brood.

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