An Anthill is an entity in that allows transportation between the Underground and Overground. Anthills are very important because they allow you to create Brood and allow you to feed your Brood. This is because Drops only have a chance of surviving Underground.


In order to use an Anthill while Overground or Underground, you must right click while over it, or double click the Anthill. Queens can leave the nest, but they cannot enter enemy nests. This is because of how nests can be claimed by a team. For more information about this, see Claiming.


It is currently unknown how many stages an Anthill has, but it does seem to have a limit to how big it gets. However, it is known that the Anthill, when created, will be small, and then it will gradually grow based on how many Ants have been born in the colony. A small anthill has two stages, and looks like a hole. A large anthill looks like a hill with the hole in the middle. Every time the stage increases, the Anthill will grow in size. This can be used to pinpoint enemy colonies that have hid themselves Underground by knowing which nest they are closest to.


Anthills will not cause collisions and cannot be moved in anyway. Additionally, Anthills will not decay. To create an Anthill, an Alate must right click or double click the ground while Overground. The Anthill will always start as a small one, and a 'below' Anthill will be automatically generated.