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An ant's development is dependent upon the food that a queen is given: after enough food is provided, the queen will lay her brood. Brood refers to the embodiment of the three different stages during which an ant develops. It must to be taken care of, and will develop faster on wet dirt.


Queens will lay brood, and the rate at which they lay will be changed based off of the size of the colony.

  • On every 25th egg, the queen will lay an egg far larger than any of the others. This egg will hatch an alate queen, which can create a brand new nest.
  • During a new queen's nuptial flight, she may dig in any location not already of another colony's territory and participates in parthenogenesis, where she begins to develop the eggs of her daughters.
  • Once the colony size reaches a critical point, the queen will start laying brood much slower than before.

The food a queen is given determines the brood type except for queen eggs.

  • Providing a queen two green (fungus) food produces eggs of workers.
  • Providing a queen one green (fungus) food and one red (meat) food produces eggs of nanitics.
  • Providing a queen two red (meat) food and one blue (super) food produces eggs of soldiers.
  • Providing a queen two red (meat) food and two blue (super) food produces eggs of supermajors.
  • Providing a queen orange (honeydew) food has an unknown effect.



The first stage of ant development. They are laid by the queen, and will have to be placed in an appropriate spot (wet dirt). On rare occasions an egg will have the hunger icon, and when fed, will jump directly to the pupa stage. This is suspected to be a bug that would only occur if placed on regular or dry dirt.


Brood (1).png

Second stage of ant development. Has to be placed on appropriate spot (wet dirt).

Brood (2).png


Third stage of ant development. They will now adopt an ant-like form, but cannot move. Their centers will pulsate as though they will emerge into adulthood soon.

Claiming Brood[]

Brood can be claimed by a team, and can only be fed if it is claimed by the team that tries to feed it. To claim a brood, a player must pick up an egg or larvae from the nest of an opposing team and carry it through the nest of their own team and place it down on wet dirt. When the brood grows up, it will remain the color of the queen who laid it, but will be working for the colony it is claimed by. Any of the following will change the ownership of the brood to the team that initiates the following:

  • The brood is layed by a queen inside a team.
  • The brood has been picked up by an ant in a different team.
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