FANDOM is a massively multiplayer top-down strategy browser game created by Bombsight Games that is based on life centered around an ant colony. The player controls a colony which goal is to become the biggest and strongest in the map. In order to succeed, the player has to defeat prey and predators, while being careful of enemy colonies who may be opportunistic. is available to play for free on the website Players can use different ant colors, depending on the progress of the current round. Users can log in via Google or Facebook in order to save their XP and Coins.
Ant Development
BroodEggBroodBrood (1)LarvaBrood (1)Brood (2)PupaBrood (2)
WorkerWorker AntWorkerSoldierSoldier AntSoldierSoldierSupermajor AntSoldier

QueenQueen AntQueen

Predators (Hostile)
SpiderBlack WidowSpiderSpider2Wolf SpiderSpider2Centipede (3)CentipedeCentipede (3)

Prey (Passive)
AnateAnateAnateGoliath beetleGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle