An Anate is a sub-species in the family of falsum griseo insectum. It is one of the most common prey in They are characterized by slow speed movement, and can be easily outrun by an ant or more commonly, a small group of ants.Also ,the anate is on the list of passive mobs.You can see this by attacking a anate in It does not fight back when attacked, making it possible for a single ant to kill it with enough time. Once killed, they will drop 5 out of 7 food.

Many people have claimed they appear similar to a termite alate which is how they get their name. The model is actually the model of the termite anate from the top-down RTS game 'AntRush', which has ceased development.

Gallery[edit | edit source]
Ant Development
Brood.pngEggBrood.pngBrood (1).pngLarvaBrood (1).pngBrood (2).pngPupaBrood (2).png
Worker.pngWorker AntWorker.pngSoldier.pngSoldier AntSoldier.pngSoldier.pngSupermajor AntSoldier.png

Queen.pngQueen AntQueen.png

Predators (Hostile)
Spider.pngBlack WidowSpider.pngSpider2.pngWolf SpiderSpider2.pngCentipede (3).pngCentipedeCentipede (3).png

Prey (Passive)
Anate.pngAnateAnate.pngGoliath beetle.pngGoliath BeetleGoliath beetle.png
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