An Alate in is a type of ant that is responsible for the founding of a new Anthill. Alates are very important and will only be created using Red Food. You currently can't manually create Alates, but it is planned for future updates that the Egg Selection menu will include Alates and require Red Food.


Alates are very important to the colony because if they didn't exist, then scouting for enemy nests in the early stages of the game wouldn't be possible. Their flying ability when created gives them super speed and a resistance to obstacles, which is what allows for this scouting type gameplay. To get out of this mode, just right click. Right clicking again will not make your alate fly again. Alates can be used to create an Anthill and create a Queen ant, and also four Nanitic Pupa by right clicking outside of flying mode. While being Queens, they don't have an Egg Selection menu and can't create eggs unless they have lost their wings.


Alates, at their core, are actually just Queens with wings, so they have the exact same statistics as queens. The only difference is that they are normal outside the nest and can fly. This means they can protect themselves while looking for a nesting place, however, they can't outcompete a Soldier ant due to their slightly lower health and damage.


Alates can currently only be created when a Team spawns. In a future update, it is planned that you will be able to create them with Red Food in the Egg Selection menu.