999 was the first clan to be established and originated during closed alpha testing when the game was in its earliest forms. They prioritize decimation of opposing forces, and will use any viable tactic to get victory. They are the primary testers of new updates for and are looked to for approval and balancing of new features.

Motto Edit

"Defeat is not an option and there is no such thing as a draw. The light shines brightly upon us, ensuring our victory. We are the harbingers of destruction, and we will leave nothing behind. If you believe you are worthy, then come forth soldier, show us your strength and embrace the light, enter 999....."

Values Edit

  • Creating distractions
  • Cleverness
  • Not losing
  • Sabotage
  • Snatching children
  • Victorium (latin for conquest)
  • Milking

See 999Pengin kite two overlapping centipedes around an enemy nest - taken by 999Tbone.

Known Members Edit

  • Tbone- The Leader ~Creator~ ~Strategist~ ~Thief~
    • Quote: "We don't take L's"
  • Pengin- The Imbecile ~Co-Founder~ ~Saboteur~ ~Thief~
    • Quote: "Time is just a concept, so I don't mind waiting outside your nest"
  • Echometer- The Excavator ~Professional Digger~ ~Professional Mexican~
    • Quote: "I am Mexican"
  • Otter- The Motivational Leader ~Awful Motivator~ ~Colony Manager~
    • Quote: "E as in idiot?"
  • Spaque- ?
    • Quote: ?
  • Ian- ?
    • Quote: ?
  • Cheeto- ?
    • Quote: ?
  • Armdrone- ?
    • Quote: ?
  • [you] (in your heart you know it's true)


These are the team colors that 999 associates with

  • Pink
  • Cyan
  • Orange

Fun Facts Edit

  • Echometer is actually mexican.
  • Tbone is very fond of 1-block long tunnels.
  • Pengin once made Planetace of Tempest rage quit after camping his nest with centipedes and spiders for over 10 minutes straight.
    • This is actual fact, as admitted be me, Planetace.
  • Otter is an expert on managing the colony
  • Most 999 members actively participate in the hobby of ant keeping

Relationships Edit


  • Dwarfs



  • Tempest
  • United Ants Together
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